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My name is Chris Noftall, I am an author as well as a meditation & mindfulness teacher certified through the School of Positive Transformation. I help people connect within themselves and with life on a deeper level. Inner Explorations are methods of going within one-self with the aim of engaging with spirituality, gaining self mastery and enriching this life experience as much as possible.

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Personalized Sessions

Learn various meditation and mindfulness techniques that fit your unique needs and situation. Gain the knowledge and develop the skills to start or enhance your own practice. 


Group Sessions

Focused Lectures

Group sessions allow people to get introduced to various inner exploration techniques/ methods or to get an in-depth understanding for specific subjects/ topics. Uniquely tailored for personal or professional settings. 

Inner Exploration Work Shop

Half day/ Full Day

Signature work shop designed to give an in depth introduction to spirituality through a variety of methods, techniques and lectures

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Price List

$60/ Person
$100/ Couple

Private Session
In Person or Phone/ Video Calls

$15/ Person

Group Session

$150/ Person - Half Day
$300/ Person - Full Day

Inner Exploration Work Shop

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“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.”

― Ramana Maharshi

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